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Ultra Surface® Color Flake System provides a decorative look of granite or terrazzo to beautify garage floors and many other interior or exterior floor surfaces, including linoleum and tile.
Ultra Surface® 1/4" Stamping System is applied over an existing surface 1/4-1/2" thick, achieves the same beauty, elegance and natural appearance of traditional stamped concrete.
Stamped Concrete is quick easily installed and durable and virtually free from complicated maintenance. Decorative Concrete takes half the time of natural materials. Spray-top & Stain is a versatile cementitious product that can be used for many applications. Its most popular use is for resurfacing faded, stained and/or discolored concrete to a like new appearance.
My History: Welcome to San Antonio Decorative Concrete of San Antonio, Texas  on the internet at  Thank you for visiting our web site.  Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Hernandez.  My family has been in the concrete business for four generations. This is my legacy.  I’m happy to announce my 32nd year specializing in the industry.  I’m also excited to say that we’ve been using our decorative concrete technique for the last 17 of these years.

Decorative Concrete’s Birth: In the 1980s, I was involved in large commercial building projects. On one particular job I was intrigued by a particular “wood plank” design in the flooring.  This was the beginning of my passion and inspiration for decorative concrete. I soon began my quest to find out more by searching for various companies that would instruct and train me to use the specialized skills needed to achieve this look.  I remember driving all night to Tampa, Florida where I would receive my first certification along with two family members.  I couldn't wait to come home and experiment with the skills I had just learned. To my surprise, people were not interested in this new process. For about two and half years more I was only able to sell was spray deck. To learn more about the industry, I began attending trade shows on home and gardening, parade of homes, etc. Shortly thereafter, I began using a variety of decorative concrete installation techniques, but still wasn’t satisfied with my process.

After several certifications, I began to realize that my prior concrete experience and new ideas in decorative concrete needed to be merged.  This method finally allowed my imagination to realize its full potential. It wasn't long before I began incorporating my newly developed knowledge into creating decorative installations and overlays.

Experience: San Antonio International Airport’s Traffic Tower, The Alexan Apartments in Austin, Texas, and the 4-D theatre at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas are just a few of the many projects Decorative Concrete has been involved with.  I am very proud to have played a small part in the Texas industry, and am excited about additional projects in the near future for both commercial and private projects. 

Going Forward: Our industry continues to grow with new, innovative products and tools.  As new techniques and processes evolve, we will be on top of these changes by attending various seminars and utilizing any new techniques we learn.  Among some of the latest revolutionary products are ¼ inch overlay, acid stains, stenciling, spray-top systems, stamp concrete tools, decorative scoring, epoxies, crack repairs, and concrete countertops, all which have proven effective for the repair, restoration, and beautification of existing surfaces. 

Our Promise: Decorative Concrete promises quality craftsmanship.  We challenge you to share your ideas with us and we will achieve the look you want…you won’t be disappointed with the results! 

Thank you again for visiting our web site and for the trust and confidence you place our craft.  Contact DecorativeConcrete soon for more information, We’re anxious to talk to you about your project.

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